Thursday, September 6, 2012

You're Invited

It's BIRTHDAY time!!! Ohhh September.

With a little research I found Martha Stewart's party hats. The template is great.

Using Picasa (the free Google photo editor which is amazing) I made a collage using a picture of the birthday girl and a picture of Merida. I then tinted it the shade of purple that matched her party favors and printed it on DOLLAR TREE photo paper (yup they make that!)

I used the Martha Stewart template to trace and cut out the photo. It helps if you trace it on a window during the day so you can see better.

Then it is time to put everything patient. When you are all done you can bedazzle the hat with anything you find laying around the house (I pulled the boa feathers off an old new years hat) or make a quick trip to the Dollar Tree.

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