Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Sew a Tulle Garter

Sewing a tulle garter can save a lot of money. There's no doubt that working with tulle can be difficult (it is difficult to see because of the sheer color and layers often cling to each other), but it will be painless if you go step by step.

Ps. The cost for the tulle and elastic was a whopping $2.83.

Supplies needed:
Sewing machine
Measuring Tape

Lets get started..

Cut the elastic: 
Measure the width of your thigh using a measuring tape. In order to determine the length you will multiply the size of your thigh x .75 (you want the elastic to stretch to your thigh) and add .5 (for seam allowances) ie. 20 x .75= 15+.5=15.5

Cut the tulle
In order to determine the length of each piece of tulle you will need to triple the measurement of your elastic. ie. 15.5x3=46.5

Run a stitch through the tulle-
Increase your stitch length and do NOT back stitch

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saving Money on Wedding Invitations

There are several key ways to save money on wedding invitations. Though this seems like a small kick to the budget, the cost of wedding invitations can quickly add up (especially if you have a large guest list)!

  • Stick to Black and White Ink
Any time that you add color to invitations it will cost more
  • Shop Local
          Find a local printing shop that does wedding invitations. You will save costs on shipping, and               you will save yourself the stress of designing an invitation on a computer. 

Also, it is much easier to walk in a store to see invitation samples in person, and you can easily order more invitations or envelopes when there are miscalculations or late additions (or mess-ups on addressing)

  • Watch the Weight
Additional inserts and pocket invitations make the envelope heavier. Additional weight can mean more stamps. Most people forget how expensive postage is for wedding invitations and response cards (and thank you letters after wedding showers and the wedding).

  • Skip the Inner/Outer Envelope
This means that you have an outer envelope addressed to the recepient. Inside of the outer envelope is an additional envelope with the names of the recepients. This "inner" envelope contains the invitationa and accompanying inserts.

Did you know that this tradition originated from way back when mail was carried by horse? The inner envelope stayed pristine for the recepient. 

Though this method is particularly helpful for "and guest", there are other options. You can opt to only by outer envelopes for those guests who need the "and guest" option. Another option is asking that guest who they plan to bring so that you can write their name on the envelope. Lastly, you can simply take the more casual option of writing "and guest" when addressing the envelope.

  • Share the Job
Print the response card envelope on your own printer at home. They are very simple to do. Simply ask for the font that is on your wedding invitation so that you can match the fonts.

Read this tutorial first to make sure you've taken the right steps to set-up your envelope, and practice on scrap paper before using the actual envelopes.

  • Make a List and Check it Twice
Avoid having to purchase extra envelopes by making sure that names and addresses are correct before you begin addressing. Shop local and the print shop may throw in extra envelopes at no cost like they did for me!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

How Not To Eat Too Much Trail Mix

Spring is coming.

Monster mix is my absolute favorite, and it is cheaper to buy in the larger container. Try this trick to watch the portion size.


Ashley Lynn.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

DIY Wedding Flowers Part 1

The best way to teach a subject matter is while you are in the midst of going through the process (mistakes and all.) So here we go.

  1. What flowers are in bloom during the month of your wedding? This will save you money and allow you to get fresh blooms. This is a great place to start because there is no need in designing a boquet with flowers that are out of season and not wildly available to the public.
  2. Do your "colors"  matter? I am having a June wedding so I have chosen not to carry a prominent color throughout. I want to display all of the colorful blooms available during that month. If your colors are important, research which blooms are available in those colors.
  3. What is your budget? If you plan to DIY your wedding flowers, I'm assuming you have a small wedding budget. To save money, I suggest: a) less expensive blooms that come in a fuller size ie. hydrangeas b) using more greenery than blooms ie. magnolia leaves c) finding an inexpensive BUT reliable source
  4. What do you have in mind for the design? Do your reserach. There are so many styles available for wedding arrangements, but you must narrow it down. This will not happen in a day so be patient, and have fun with it. Once you have your designs picked out, save example pictures for a resource.
  5. What will be your source? I have heard horror stories of flowers not arriving on time from places such as Costco. However, I have also heard positive stories about these sources. I suggest Trader Joes or your local farmer's market (if your wedding is during the spring/summer) OR a wholesale flower market if you have that available in your area. Reach out to these places to build a relationship with a contact in advance. If you are looking to use Trader Joes, visit the store 3-4 months in advance to speak with a store manager. Ask him/her if you can come back the month before the wedding to see the boquets that will be available. 

Ashley Lynn

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Boot Organization

Are you itching to organize before the Christmas craziness arrives? Well, the pool noodles are long gone at the Dollar Tree, and the cost of stuffing all of those boots with pool noodles will add up anyways.

Get your closet organized and prevent your favorite boots from cracking by using those old magazines laying around your house (or neighbors).

Quick, simple, and inexpensive.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy October

The summer wreath has been replaced with Halloween. I used the same wreath that I made here from twigs in the backyard.

I will be adding posts on Halloween how-tos over the coming weeks.

Supplies for this wreath:
DIY Wreath
Witch Legs - AC Moore 50% Off
Witch Hat - Dollar Tree
Flowers with Spiders- Dollar Tree
Mesh Ribbon - AC Moore/Hobby Lobby
Floral Wire- Dollar Tree

Cost $15
Compare at- AC Moore $75+

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Paintable Wallpaper

Look what I found when browsing the aisles at Walmart:

The wallpaper is $13.47 for 21 in W x 33 ft L (57.75 square feet).

The possibilities are endless!

The re-usable wall stickers that are on the market limit you to color and design. However, the paintable wallpaper does not. You can choose your own paint color and cut the wallpaper into any shape that you desire.

Try using chalkboard paint on this to create a chalkboard ANYWHERE!

Use this to mask the pasty white walls of an apartment or to create a headboard behind a bed.
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