Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saving Money on Wedding Invitations

There are several key ways to save money on wedding invitations. Though this seems like a small kick to the budget, the cost of wedding invitations can quickly add up (especially if you have a large guest list)!

  • Stick to Black and White Ink
Any time that you add color to invitations it will cost more
  • Shop Local
          Find a local printing shop that does wedding invitations. You will save costs on shipping, and               you will save yourself the stress of designing an invitation on a computer. 

Also, it is much easier to walk in a store to see invitation samples in person, and you can easily order more invitations or envelopes when there are miscalculations or late additions (or mess-ups on addressing)

  • Watch the Weight
Additional inserts and pocket invitations make the envelope heavier. Additional weight can mean more stamps. Most people forget how expensive postage is for wedding invitations and response cards (and thank you letters after wedding showers and the wedding).

  • Skip the Inner/Outer Envelope
This means that you have an outer envelope addressed to the recepient. Inside of the outer envelope is an additional envelope with the names of the recepients. This "inner" envelope contains the invitationa and accompanying inserts.

Did you know that this tradition originated from way back when mail was carried by horse? The inner envelope stayed pristine for the recepient. 

Though this method is particularly helpful for "and guest", there are other options. You can opt to only by outer envelopes for those guests who need the "and guest" option. Another option is asking that guest who they plan to bring so that you can write their name on the envelope. Lastly, you can simply take the more casual option of writing "and guest" when addressing the envelope.

  • Share the Job
Print the response card envelope on your own printer at home. They are very simple to do. Simply ask for the font that is on your wedding invitation so that you can match the fonts.

Read this tutorial first to make sure you've taken the right steps to set-up your envelope, and practice on scrap paper before using the actual envelopes.

  • Make a List and Check it Twice
Avoid having to purchase extra envelopes by making sure that names and addresses are correct before you begin addressing. Shop local and the print shop may throw in extra envelopes at no cost like they did for me!

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