Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Sew a Tulle Garter

Sewing a tulle garter can save a lot of money. There's no doubt that working with tulle can be difficult (it is difficult to see because of the sheer color and layers often cling to each other), but it will be painless if you go step by step.

Ps. The cost for the tulle and elastic was a whopping $2.83.

Supplies needed:
Sewing machine
Measuring Tape

Lets get started..

Cut the elastic: 
Measure the width of your thigh using a measuring tape. In order to determine the length you will multiply the size of your thigh x .75 (you want the elastic to stretch to your thigh) and add .5 (for seam allowances) ie. 20 x .75= 15+.5=15.5

Cut the tulle
In order to determine the length of each piece of tulle you will need to triple the measurement of your elastic. ie. 15.5x3=46.5

Run a stitch through the tulle-
Increase your stitch length and do NOT back stitch

Gather ruffles-
Begin gathering the tulle while holding one end of the thread until you have ruffles that equal double the length of your thigh measurement.

Stitch two ends of tulle
Create a loop by stitching the ends together

Stitch two ends of elastic

Sew elastic to inside of tulle:
Pin the elastic to the tulle in quarters. Notice how I started with two pins adjacent to each other, then pinned two more pins that were adjacent to each other. The elastic will be shorter than the tulle.
Pull the elastic to stretch to the tulle as you sew.

Add embelishments


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