Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Cheap Wedding Decor

I suggest purchasing this Dear Lizzy stamp at Hobby Lobby. They are only $5.99, and Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon here. With tax, mine was only a whopping $3.85!! Perfect for DIY napkins.

Designer Heels:
Did you know that TJ Maxx was online?..and that they get Badgley Mischka shoes (that are oh so popular for weddings)? Keep your eyes peered on TJ Maxx online. In store you can find Kate Spade heels like these!

Spray paint Dollar Tree beads like these painted white for a DIY chandelier created by Dollar Store Crafts.

Habitat Restore stocks tons of chandeliers that contractors donate. A little paint touch up and bedazzle will still keep the chandelier under $30! Find your local store here.

Check out these bags of moss at the Dollar Tree for only $1!

Hobby Lobby is the place to get letters. Don't forget to use their 40% off coupon.

Habitat Restore stocks windows from contractors for as little as $5.

Vintage Globe Lights:
These lights from Target are $12.99 and perfect for replicating the vintage wedding signs all over Pinterest.

Hobby Lobby fills its clearance section with great frames (used for actual framing in the store) at discounts as high as 90% off. Also, check out your local consignment furniture shops.

It doesnt take much work to remove the hardware from a professional frame piece of art. The seller doesn't want to do the dirty work so you can get it for cheap.

These will look great with bridal portraits!

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  1. You have shared an impressive post about the inexpensive DIY wedding décor. I loved each and every idea. At one of the local wedding venues we would be hosting a DIY wedding ceremony so were finding easy but beautiful ideas for décor. If you have more inspirations for table décor, please share here.


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